Side Bowls

A set of four large hand-speckled, uniquely-shaped ceramic bowls

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Hand-painted porcelain stackable bowls designed for plating, eating, and scooping. The perfect size for soupy situations, as well as your covert midnight cereal missions. Set of four bowls, big enough for the main event.

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All in the Family

Our plates, bowls, and platters are designed to stack and store together.

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Product Ultra durable, restaurant-grade quality, designed to last. Prop Text

Dinner with
Akua Shabaka

I'm from Los Angeles, California. I live in New York City. My family is from the south and the Caribbean islands and what's really important to me is culture, identity, and storytelling amongst black people.

Especially now because I'm living in New York and I just graduated college—coming back here to South Central, it always feels like home. And I think that growing up in South Central, I realize it even more now how much it played a role into my life, like the culture and the different types of people here, the food.

California is the sunny state, but I think there's like so much sunshine from being a part of these minority communities. That brings us all together in a way. Because of our shared experiences coming from these communities. We're able to see them change and grow, but there's still a link between the people that have been here—especially the older home owners and these people in these communities that have been here for years. We share an experience that the new comers won't have.