Everything You Need to Know

The Perfect

Power Pot™

Get inspired to put your new electric pot to good use, wherever it goes.

Everything You Need to Know

Refer to the Wonder Oven user manual for best practices and important safety details.


With the Perfect Power Pot™, you can cook compactly and conveniently without needing a traditional kitchen. Its built-in heating elements allow you to prepare virtually anything. It's small and portable enough for camping, traveling, or use in a dorm room. This multifunctional pot serves as a complete kitchen replacement, capable of sautéing, searing, frying, boiling, and steaming. The system includes everything you need: the cooker, a steamer, a lid, and a spatula. The steamer is even designed to hold five eggs without them rolling around. Plus, your recipe booklet provides instructions for a variety of delicious dishes, such as shakshuka, steamed rice, ramen, curry, tacos, and queso.