“Thanks to this multi-functional pan, we were able to reduce our kitchen clutter (goodbye saute pan, chili pot, saucier, stockpot, and steamer!). Not only that, the pan colors are so stunning! We are OBSESSED. Try to find a better one. Seriously. You won’t.”

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It’s sold out 10x for a reason.

All that kitchen clutter? Gone. We made one perfect pan that does it all. The Always Pan steams, sautees, fries, sears, boils, stores and even looks good on your counter. That’s probably why Oprah called it a “kitchen magician” and has taken over instagrams everywhere.

It’ll make you say buh-bye to take out.

Its ridiculously slippery nonstick (made from non-toxic ceramic coating) and lightweight design makes cooking so. much. easier. And when it comes time to clean up you can skip the scrubbing. All you have to do is wipe it down gently with a soapy sponge and the mess slides right off.

And eat healthier, too.

The Always Pan is your healthy-habit cheerleader. It comes with its own removable steamer basket that fits neatly inside the pan so you make perfectly-cooked veggies (and fish! and meat!) with as little oil as you like. Yum.

"I Put the Internet’s Coolest Pan to the Test, and It’s Even Better Than I Thought"