Knives & Cutting Boards
Save $35
Fully Prepped Bundle
$265 $230
The knives and board every kitchen needs to make prepping a dish joyful.
Save $25
Knife Trio
$170 $145
The three most hardworking, versatile knives that every kitchen needs.
Walnut Cutting Board
A double-sided no-mess board designed for all things slicing and serving.
Serrated Slicing Knife
A handy sidekick for smoothly slicing through anything that squishes easily.
Precise Paring Knife
Small and mighty, this knife is designed for all those tinier tasks, like peeling and scoring.
Everyday Chef’s Knife
Your go-to, when-in-doubt, do-it-all (while feeling like a pro) knife.
"A win for cabinet space and kitchen cuteness"
"Doing the job of eight traditional cookware pieces"
"Kitchen magician"
"Practical pieces made with thoughtful design treatments"