Ultimate Bakeware Set

A full suite of versatile bakeware and accessories

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Why You’ll Love It

Warning: This set might give you supreme confidence in your baking, roasting, and stovetop griddling prowess. Not that we think that’s a bad thing.

  • A 3-in-1 roasting pan, baking sheet, and stovetop griddle, the nonstick Griddle Pans truly have all the range
  • With the Bakers — a trio of stoneware baking dishes — you’re set for meals (and parties) of any sort
  • Includes the stainless steel Oven Rack and silicone reusable Oven Mats in mini and large sizes
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Everything You Need

All the tools to create an elaborate meal or a very simple one — the choice is yours. 

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Better for You, Better for Earth

Our ceramic nonstick coating is made without PFAS, more commonly known as forever chemicals.

What's Included

Product Details

  1. The Griddle Pan’s sturdy, nonstick design allows for 6-in-1 multifunctionality: Bake, roast, braise, crisp, sear, and heat all in the same large pan, whether in the oven or on the stove

  2. The Bakers are a trio of handy stoneware baking dishes in three different sizes, perfect for meals (and parties!) of any sort

  3. When you’re finished with cooking and clean-up, the components stack together nicely — we won’t blame you if these are proudly displayed on the counter instead of under the stove


  1. Griddle Pan (Large)

  2. 20.9 in. (with handle) x 11.8 in. x 1.8 in.; 4.52 lbs.; 5 qt. capacity

  3. Our nonstick ceramic coating is made without potentially toxic materials like PFAS (including PTFEs and PFOAs), lead and cadmium

  4. Compatible with all cooktops, excluding induction

  5. Aluminum body for fast, even heat

  6. Main Bake

  7. 13.65 in. (with handles) x 8.41 in. x 3.81 in.; 4.059 lbs.; 3.5 qt. capacity

  8. Side Bake

  9. 11.15 in. (with handles) x 6.48 in. x 3.81 in.; 2.442 lbs.; 2 qt. capacity

  10. Loaf Pan

  11. 11.13 in. (with handles) x 5.23 in. x 3.81 in.; 2.101 lbs.; 1.5 qt. capacity

  12. Strong, chip-resistant sturdy stoneware with a glossy, ceramic glaze that acts as a naturally nonstick surface

  13. Ergonomic side handles are easy to grip (be sure to use oven mitts as the Bakers can get hot!)

  14. The Bakers were designed to nest neatly within our Griddle Pan; just remember to line with the Oven Mat when storing to prevent scratches

  15. Oven Mat (Large)

  16. 10.8 in. x 16.4 in. x 0.04 in.; 1 in. x 1 in. squares; 0.3 lbs.

  17. Made of matte silicone that’s easy to clean and acts as an effective nonstick surface

  18. One-inch checker pattern can be used to measure dough—just no sharp tools, please


  1. Patented 8-in-1 Design

  2. Better for You, Better for Earth