We are cooking our way through December with the only kinds of recipes acceptable this time of year: family recipes. Written, made, and adapted over generations, our passed-down recipes are what transport us back to our childhoods, connect us to our foremothers and fathers, and, of course, our holiday traditions. 

Traditions are rarely uncomplicated, and while there are many we will continue, we will also break some and make new ones. Like a recipe that’s been passed down for generations, the beauty isn’t always in following it to a T, but making it new again, year after year, in honor of those who came before us. 

This year, we’re lucky enough to have a seat with our name on it at the tables of 5 home cooks. We’ll be feasting on Mark Indelicato’s Night of the Seven Fishes stew, memorizing Emily Alben’s Hanukkah sufganiyot recipe by heart, putting all our hope in Tylynn’s good luck collards, and so much more. We hope you cook alongside us this month, and maybe pick up a new tradition to add to your own celebrations. 

We’ll be adding to this post as the month goes on, and you can follow along on our Instagram and by subscribing to our email. Be sure to check back and keep cooking with the ones you love! 

First up, we’re celebrating Hanukkah with home baker Emily Alben. Emily hosted us in the backyard of her Ojai, CA home over zesty sufganiyot and made-by-hand latkes. We spoke about the traditions and the flavors that punctuate the holiday...

“We may not be able to celebrate all eight nights together, but there is at least one where we gather and all light the candles on the menorah together, basking in the glow of the ancient ritual.” Emily Alben

Read more about Emily’s celebrations and try her zesty recipe yourself! 

Emily Uses the Always Pan in Blue Salt

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