Cast Iron Perfect Pot | $175

The Ever-Easy Cast Iron Perfect Pot

No matter your skill level in the kitchen, this dutch oven is a dream to cook with thanks to its incredible 6-in-1 multifunctionality. Keep reading to learn more about what the cast iron Perfect Pot can do for you at your place.

A Dutch Oven and Then Some

Breaking down all the (many) possibilities with the 6-in-1 cast iron Perfect Pot for everyone from beginners to seasoned home-cooks.

Tips + Ideas for Beginners

It’s no longer just your grandmother’s generation that holds all the secrets to dutch oven cooking. The cast iron Perfect Pot is so easy to use and to care for, all the simple breads, pastas, and stews you can make become limitless. We’re thinking mac and cheese, posole rojo, and tortilla soup. Oh my.

“I’ve always been intimidated by dutch ovens and how to properly care for them. Not anymore! The cast iron Perfect Pot is so easy to clean up with just some soap and a sponge. I really look forward to the next time I get to cook with it and try new recipes!” —Jolie M.

Tips + Ideas for Intermediate Cooks

For the intermediates, this heirloom-quality dutch oven becomes an absolute dream. It comes with many thoughtful design details for home-cooks of any level, such as a self-basting lid (!), a spoon with a built-in notch rest, and silicone Hot Grips. Add searing and flavor building techniques to your repertoire with coq au vin, birria tacos, or a beef stew, and consider your game stepped up.

“Not only is it a total joy to cook with, but I can’t wait to someday pass down my cast iron Perfect Pot to the little home-cooks in my family. It’s truly a modern heirloom.” —Elysha B.

Tips + Ideas for Seasoned Home-Chefs

For the home-cooks who have been around the block, the cast iron Perfect Pot truly reveals itself to be a magician in the kitchen with its 6-in-1 multifunctionality. Pair it with the cast iron Hot Grill to create an amazing bread oven. Try out a challenging braise recipe (like braised beef short ribs) or go low and slow with a roast pork bo ssam. The world is wide open.

“There are so many possible recipes and cuisines to cook up in the cast iron Perfect Pot. My favorite is the braised beef short ribs — so delicious and comforting. After years of perfecting the recipe, the key is to be patient during the sear, and to make sure you get all sides. If you have time, try cooking one day early since braises are usually better the next day.” —Chef Ed

Cast Iron Perfect Pot

A 8-in-1 multifunctional, heirloom-quality cast iron dutch oven

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Why You’ll Love It
Designed as a modern dutch oven, the cast iron Perfect Pot no-stress jack-of-all-trades piece that bridges premium materials with Our Place’s trademark multifunctionality.

  1. Made from heirloom-quality, super-easy-to-care-for enameled cast iron for superior browning, no seasoning required
  2. Comes with everything from silicone Hot Grips to a Beechwood Scraper to a genius self-basting lid
  3. Perfect for deep frying, bread-baking, searing meats, simmering braises, soups and so much more.
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Get all the browning benefits of a raw cast iron without the headache and upkeep.

How It Compares

Matte black interior for better browning (and no staining)

Built-in utensil rest

Included accessories

Enameled for easy care

Even heating + heat retention

Limited lifetime warranty

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✓ No spoon rest needed

✓ Comes with Hot Grips + Beechwood Scraper

✓ No season, no rust

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