Meet the newly-engineered 

Always Pan 2.0

10 Functions, 1 Pan

Let’s break down the magical multifunctionality of the reach-for-it-everytime Always Pan.

  • Meet Thermakind™

    Our exclusive 50% longer lasting toxin-free nonstick coating

  • Made Without

    Forever chemicals like PTFEs, PFOAs, other PFAS, as well as potentially toxic materials like lead and cadmium

  • Over 45 Patents

    Registered and pending worldwide. Truly game-changing multifunctional design you won’t find anywhere else

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Always Pan 2.0

A 10-in-1 bestselling cookware system that does it all


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Deep enough to roast a chicken, shallow enough to flip an egg, the Always Pan is the gold standard for versatility, doing the job of ten pieces of traditional cookware.

  • A 10.5-inch pan that braises, sears, steams, strains, sautes, fries, boils, bakes, serves, stores…does it all!
  • Made without PTFEs, PFOAs, other PFAS, as well as potentially toxic materials like lead and cadmium
  • Featuring Thermakind™ — our exclusive, most advanced, 50% longer lasting ceramic nonstick coating

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Our ceramic nonstick coating is made without potentially toxic materials including PTFE, PFOA, and other PFAS (which are used in the majority of nonstick cookware). PFAS are nicknamed “Forever Chemicals,” because they do not break down easily in the environment or in the human body. As a result, they bioaccumulate over time, making them a highly concerning chemical group. PFAS-based coatings also release toxic fumes when overheated. 

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Always Pan 2.0