Celebrating with Traditionware®

Collections designed to honor the traditions that bring us together around the table.

Eid Collection

For setting the Iftar table, breaking fast.

Year of the Dragon Collection

In collaboration with Fly by Jing, one hot, spicy set dripping with good fortune

Diwali Collection

With our friends at Diaspora Co., a Golden Fry Set for all things saffron and beyond

Year of the Rabbit

Artist-made and rice-centered, celebrate Lunar New  Year in delicious style

Nowruz Collection

Designed as a love letter to tahdig, the Noosh-e-Joon Platter is a first-of-its-kind

Shabbat Set

A collection dedicated entirely to challah and the breaking of bread at sundown

Full of Pride Collection

An homage to Queer brunch, a set of mugs handmade with Vivana Matsuda

Noche Buena Collection

An assortment of maker-made objects from artisans in Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico

Year of the Rat Collection

Replete with steamers, cleavers, firecracker reds, and more; good luck abounds

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