Perfect Power Pot™

A compact electric pot for cooking on the go or without a kitchen

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Why You’ll Love It

This convenient 5-in-1 appliance packs a punch for its size: It works anywhere you can plug it in (no kitchen required!) to saute, steam, sear, fry, or boil anything your heart desires.

  • Ready for van, camping, hotel, and campus life, it only needs a flat surface and an outlet (with proper wattage) to create delicious meals
  • Featuring our high-performance nonstick coating made without PTFEs, PFOAs, and other PFAS (a.k.a. "Forever Chemicals")
  • Cook multiple things at once with the nesting steamer, which also features five divots for keeping eggs in place

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Cook Without a Kitchen

Cooking on the road or in a dorm has never been so full of delicious potential 

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For Beginners and Beyond 

Easy to use whether you’re just learning to cook or have the word “Chef” before your name

5 Functions, 1 System

Let’s break down the magical multifunctionality of the Perfect Power Pot™.

One Pot. One Million Possibilities.

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Put a Lid On It

The vented, domed-shaped glass lid is designed to lock in steam when you need it or release it when you don’t.

Accessories: Included

The pot comes with a nesting steamer (to cook multiple things at once) and a Beechwood Spatula that conveniently rests on the long handle.

That’s So Deep

While conveniently compact, the pot’s capacity allows you to cook up to two cups of dry rice in one go.

Note the Nonstick

The toxin-free ceramic nonstick coating is super slippery, making it a dream for eggs, starches, sautes, and more.

    A Closer Look

    Getting Technical

      1. Perfect Power Pot™

      2. Nesting Steamer

      3. Glass Lid

      4. Beechwood Spatula

      5. Detachable Plug

      1. Dimensions


        • 4.6 in. height, 8 in. diameter, 15.8 in. long (handle to handle) 

        Glass Lid

        • 8 in. diameter, 2.3 in. height

        Nesting Steamer

        • 8 in. diameter, 2.3 in. height

        Beechwood Spatula

        • 11.8 in. length x 2.6 in. width x 0.4 in. height

      2. Weight


        • 1.9 lbs

        Glass Lid

        • 0.7 lbs

        Nesting Steamer

        • 0.4 lbs

        Beechwood Spatula

        • 0.1 lbs

        Detachable Power Cord

        • 0.3 lbs
      3. Capacity

        1.7 qt

      4. Features
        • Cook compactly and conveniently, without a kitchen
        • 5-in-1 Multifunctionality: Sear, Saute, Fry, Boil, Steam
        • Toxin-free: Made without PTFEs, PFOAs, and other PFAS (“Forever Chemicals”)
        • Preheats in as little as 1.5 minutes
        • Nesting Steamer doubles as a colander and is designed to hold 5 eggs in dedicated slots
        • Cool to touch exterior
      5. Modes
        • Off
        • Low Heat (maximum cooking temperature of 333F)
        • High Heat (maximum cooking temperature of 360 F)
      6. Material(s)
        • Body
        • Outer Body: Plastic (Polypropylene)
        • Inner Body: Cast Aluminum, made with our proprietary toxin-free ceramic nonstick coating
        • Glass Lid: Vented Glass Lid with Plastic (Polypropylene) Rim & Knob
        • Nesting Steamer: Plastic (Polypropylene)
        • Beechwood Spatula: 100% natural beechwood
        • Detachable Power Cord: 18-Gauge Wire with Silicone Rubber Jacket
      7. Wattage & Voltage
        • 700w
        • 120V

    A Century of Experience

    The Team Behind the Perfect Power Pot™

    From multiple concepts and prototypes to 450,000 minutes of active cook tests, this product was rigorously designed by a team with over 115 years of combined experience. Our team put the Perfect Power Pot through many rigorous (and delicious) months of trials and modifications to create the most reliable, convenient appliance you’ve ever seen.


    What can’t you cook?! You can sear burgers, saute veggies, make hard-boiled eggs, heat up leftovers, cook ramen, and boil pasta—the options are endless. Think of this pot as a kitchen replacement for when you don’t have a stovetop nearby.