Introducing the Always Pan® Pro

Designed to Last Forever

The first-ever no-coating nonstick technology, engineered to be virtually indestructible.

A Closer Look

A New Class of Cookware

Pro combines premium materials with groundbreaking NoCo™ technology to form something new. You get the durability of a stainless steel, the searing power of a cast iron, and the ease of a nonstick. All in one.

Titanium Always Pan® Pro

A new no-coating nonstick technology that's built to last

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Why You’ll Love It

Engineered with groundbreaking NoCo™ technology, the Always Pan® Pro brings a powerful fusion of high-performance materials to an entirely new nonstick experience.

  • It’s the first-ever nonstick technology that’s coating-free and made without PFAS, otherwise known as “Forever Chemicals”
  • Fully-clad, tri-ply construction with a stainless steel exterior, quick-heating aluminum core, and durable titanium interior
  • The titanium surface is 300% harder than stainless steel, making it virtually indestructible and able to withstand up to 1000°F*

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Pick Your Pans

Toxin-Free Nonstick

Maximum temperature 



Utensil safety


Ceramic Nonstick Always Pan®


Extra slippery ceramic nonstick

450º F

Lightweight (2.8 lb)

Hand wash only

Wood, silicone

Ceramic nonstick coated cast aluminum

Titanium Always Pan® Pro


NoCo™ Nonstick technology

1000º F*

Medium weight (3.4 lb)

Dishwasher safe

Metal, wood, silicone

Fully-clad tri-ply: Stainless steel, aluminum

Cast Iron Always Pan®


(Still toxin-free!)

500º F

Heavy weight (6.9 lb)

Hand wash only

Wood, silicone

Cast iron with enamel coating 


This technology is the very first of its kind, setting a new standard in cookware. It uses ultra-durable titanium, which is 300% harder than stainless steel, to create an interior surface that is virtually indestructible. Mimicking the lotus effect (the phenomenon of water droplets forming on leaves, rather than being absorbed), the pattern pressed into the titanium makes the interior naturally hydrophobic, which in turn creates a nonstick effect. The surface simultaneously sears (really well, we might add), while the sunken pockets create airflow and a nonstick experience.