Get to Know Your New

Splendor BlenderTM

Make the most of your new appliance by getting to know it a little better. 

char, steam, blue salt, and spice splendor blender on counter

Everything You Need to Know

Refer to the Splendor Blender user manual for best practices and important safety details.

FAQs / Troubleshooting

The Splendor Blender's control panel is equipped with a multifunctional LED light, providing visual cues for optimal operation. When the light is off, it indicates that the appliance is not plugged in. A flashing white light signals that the appliance is plugged in, but the Blade Base and/or Blending Vessel is not correctly installed. A solid white light indicates that the appliance is ready to blend, while a flashing red light signifies a motor stall or overheating. In such cases, users should remove the Blade Base and Blending Vessel from the Blender Base. A solid red light indicates a product failure, and users are encouraged to contact for assistance.

The Blend Mode, represented by a circle with one dot, initiates a 45-second blend cycle with a single press and stops the motor when pressed again. On the other hand, the Pulse Mode, symbolized by a circle with a squiggle line, allows users to engage in quick short pulses or continuous blending for efficient ingredient breakdown. The motor operates only when the button is pressed and stops upon release. The Off Mode, identified by a circle with a smaller circle inside, stops blending and transitions into standby mode with a solid white LED light, providing users with versatile control over their blending experience.