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Personalized kits to expand your blender ecosystem

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Why You’ll Love It

Make the most of your Splendor Blender™ with our personalized expansion kits. From personal hydration rituals to pitcher-sized batching, there’s a kit for all of it.

  • With the Personal Kit, you can double up on the standard vessel and lid one in action and one ready at all times.
  • All Splendor Blender™ accessories are made without potentially harmful toxins like PFAS.
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Accessorize Your Splendor BlenderTM

With our custom blender kits, you can maximize your blending potential from sides and sauces to personal smoothies to big batch pitchers.

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Getting Technical

    1. blue salt blender personal vessel
      Personal (750 mL) Vessel

    2. blue salt blender personal drinking lid
      Personal Drinking Lid

    1. Dimensions

      Personal (750 mL) Vessel:

      • 4.0 in. length x 4.0 in. width x 7.1 in. height

      Personal Drinking Lid:

      • 4.0 in. length x 4.5 in. width x 2.7 in. height

    2. Weight

      Personal (750 mL) Vessel:

      • Weight: 0.2 lbs

      Personal Drinking Lid:

      • Weight: 0.2 lbs
    3. Capacity

      Personal Vessel:

      • 3 Cups
      • Max Fill: 500mL
    4. Features

      Personal (750 mL) Vessel:

      • Overmolded rim makes drinking right from the vessel easy
      • Wave design with undulations not only help create perfectly creamy smoothies, but also make the vessel easy to hold

      Personal Drinking Lid:

      • Attaches to both the 750mL & 450mL blending vessels
      • Gaskets help prevent spills and leaks
      • Built-in carry handle makes it perfect for on-the-go use
    5. Material(s)

      Personal (750 mL) Vessel:

      • Vessel: Tritan Renew (A revolutionary technology that transforms single-use waste into durable, high performance, food-safe materials)
      • Overmold Ring: Plastic (Polypropylene)

      Personal Drinking Lid:

      • Plastic (Polypropylene) with Silicone Gaskets